Examples of Claymation Movies

These examples were created by fifth and sixth graders. These fifth graders were studying about Ancient Greece. Their art teacher, social studies teacher and I, their computer teacher, merged our activities. The children worked in teams of four and chose a Greek myth for which they made clay figures. Using still frame animation the groups made movies.

Apollo and Artemis

For this project the students took 24 camera shots which were turned into turtle costumes.


This project has 52 camera shots.



This project was made with 128 camera shots.

Sixth Graders and Fairy Tales

The fifth graders did wonderfully, but it was very hard fun and took several weeks. I decided to ask the sixth graders to make stop motion animation as in claymation but to use already made pieces. Student groups of about four people decided on a fairy tale and gathered objects they had at home.

Little Red Ridinghood version 1

Little Red Ridinghood version 2

The Three Little Pigs 1

The Three Little Pigs version 2