Here are some notes on using a general polygon procedure. Introduction is not yet ready.

A Turtle makes regular polygons and star polygons with the poly procedure.

external image polys.png
to poly :side :angle
poly1 :side :angle heading

to poly1 :side :angle :start
fd :side rt :angle
if heading = :start [stop]
poly1 :side :angle :start

Here are the same polygon shapes with a change in pen size and color.

external image polys2.png
Reminder: poly 100 90 (or other angle) is run after changing pen size and color.
setpensize 30
setc "red
setpensize 20
setc "blue
setpensize 10
setc "yellow
setpensize 5
setc "green
The design on the lower right needed more.
setpensize 1
setc "red